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Charity & Friends in the Big Parade: A Story of God’s Love

Charity & Friends in the Big Parade: A Story of God’s Love, by Joy Peace got published by Paige1Publishing. Illustrated by Debbie Bonzon, the cover features three young girls representing love, to be kind, and smile. The eBook is full of bright and catching illustrations, which spread throughout, from the front cover to the last page. The story discusses the importance of being quick to forgive and to walk in love.

Looking through the Kaleidoscope Too

Paige1Publishing publishes the second book, Looking through the Kaleidoscope Too, for author Rodney Littau. Grabbing the attention of both children and adults alike, this rainbow kaleidoscope has a perfect balance for the cover. Displaying zoo animals across the lower half of the cover, this book entices the audience to read it. Friendly and bright, this book is simply lovable.

To learn more about Looking through the Kaleidoscope series, click here!

New Journal Published

Victoria L. Francis has it on her heart to help others track the trials of their past and leave them  . . just that, in the past. Taking her inspiration from scriptures, Francis put together this first, in a series of journals to be used as a tool of encouragement - My Book of Stones Vol 1.

Mirror Mirror

Paige1Publishing publishes “Mirror, Mirror…” by Margie Day, N.D. Cover designed by sister company, Paige1Media, the essence of the book comes out through the theme of “revealing the mysteries within” with the display of a female looking into a hand mirror. Blue and gold tones line the front and back of the cover, with elegant feminine font. Challenging the audience to truly look at themselves, Margie provides how physical markers provide the message of what’s within.

Now in Paperback!

7-year-old, Destiny Foutty's book, Relationships are Elementary published by Paige1Publishing was such a hit, it's already been released in a paperback edition for those looking to save a few buck but still enjoy the wisdom Destiny shares in her book.

"31 Days of Marketing" book cover wins the Bronze Badge

"31 Days of Marketing" book cover wins the Bronze Badge in the 2013 Book Cover Awards from AUTHORSdb. The final round was solely judged by AUTHORSdb live judges on technical design elements, relation to subject matter and content, composition and preferance, using a proven point system. With close to 30,000 votes for the submissions, the final results are have finally been provided from the four independent judges. "31 Days of Marketing" wins Bronze in the category of Business Books.

Hardbound Giftbook

If you're looking for the perfect gift book for a single friend or loved one, look no further. 7-year-old, Destiny Foutty's book, Relationships are Elementary published by Paige1Publishing is the perfect addition to any book collection.

Looking Through the Kaleidoscope

Author Rodney Littau is a father of two girls who resides in Amarillo, Texas. When writing, "Looking Through the Kaleidoscope", he was inspired by the youngest, Reese, to write a collection of poems that are a true representation of experiences that she held true to her in her first four years. 

God Loves Women!

Freshly designed and crisply packaged, Paige1Media and Paige1Publishing team up to bring you the latest from Scarlett Harrington in her book entitled God Loves Women. So many times we can operate under the misconception that the Gospel favors man, and that the role of women is simply a supporting member of the body.

7-Year-Old Author Makes National Debut

7-Year-Old author, Destiny Foutty, didn't realize the ramifications writing her first book would have. Those ramifications include her first national appearance on the popular news broadcast "Fox and Friends" aired on the Fox News Channel. Destiny and her dad, Doug Foutty will be appearing on the show to talk about Destiny's book, "Relationships are Elementary" published by Paige1Publishing.

Poetry & Illustration

God Breathed: Poems for Life by Paula Clements is a truly inspirational journal of life's little motivations that inspire us to think about the times spent adoring all of God's creation here on earth.

Barnes & Noble Nationwide

Life, Liberty and Resilience was proudly picked up by Barnes and Noble and will be available for purchase via the company's website as well as in select locations nationwide. Denver-based journalist and author Steffan Tubbs presents Joe LaNier's story with gripping detail and emotion with stories spanning the course of eight decades.

Small Business Book Award

Paige1Publishing Author, JP Jones was one of 10 book authors named a winner in the 2013 Small Business Book Awards. The Small Business Book Awards are more than just an honor -- they include a prestigious online event in which readers, fans, book lovers and the small business community can show their support for their favorites.

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