Award Winning Cover!

Graphic Design USA Book Cover Design Award winner, The Death of Queen Me, How I Cried til I Died & Then Lived Happily Ever After, published by Paige1Publishing. 

The story that resonates from the hills of you and I, The Death of Queen Me: How I Cried till I Died & Then Lived Happily Ever Is a sheer work of art from the introspective mind of Peggy Rice. As the story goes, the selfless work of one's testimony is the best part of any fairytale. Losing one's self to make room for the priorities of another, even possible in this day and age, gives readers a chance to rediscover the simple life can be most rewarding when it's not about one person – I. Depicting this masterful text is a cover design only imaginable by the realistic mind of Paige1Media. Adding the typeset and publishing finesse, Paige1Publishing gives rich texture to an already captivating story. Dive right in to this fair fitting tale of how one queen lost her appetite for me and found something all the more worthwhile.

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