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Life, Liberty and Resilience was proudly picked up by Barnes and Noble and will be available for purchase via the company's website as well as in select locations nationwide. Denver-based journalist and author Steffan Tubbs presents Joe LaNier's story with gripping detail and emotion with stories spanning the course of eight decades.

Learn how an ice cream cone, a street sweeper and a movie usher changed the direction of a man's life forever. Travel back to Mississippi, Louisiana and Iwo Jima and experience some of the darker moments in our nation's storied history. A grandson of a slave and a pioneer in his own right, Joseph LaNier's story is one of resilience, of hope, and of love regardless of injustice. He believed in this country when he fought in World War II and still believes in it today.


Take this journey and learn from a man who found within an ability to face adversity with amazing resilience and a will to fight for life and liberty in this country called the United States of America.


Though this is an unauthorized biography, it is based completely on fact from more than 100 hours of the author's personal interviews as part of the patriotic and uplifting project.

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