17-Year-Old Author

Where Is Your Passion puts readers in the hot seat. Wake up and discover that the only one keeping you from reaching your full potential in the most crucial areas of your life is the man in the mirror.

Matthew Murray discovered this at the young age of 17 and has been passionately pursuing the call of God on his life ever since. Working alongside leaders in the youth ministry, Murray discovered several principles or steps in a whole person's walk that can be used to leverage the working passions residing in all of us. He's living a no boundaries life for God, letting his outside be a complete representation of the burning fire God ignited on the inside, which he surrendered just a short time ago. Is this your opportunity to break free from the mold, to let God be the center of your thoughts and actions? Paige1Media and Paige1Publishing team up to bring you an inspiring story of a teen's decision to wake up and realize his own passion for the things of God. Coded in matrix movie style and a heart bursting at the seams, Paige1Media captures a vivid interpretation of Murray's story while Paige1Publishing sets a definitive typeset and publishing scheme for readers to enjoy. Both the inside and outside are true works of art.

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