God Loves Women!

Freshly designed and crisply packaged, Paige1Media and Paige1Publishing team up to bring you the latest from Scarlett Harrington in her book entitled God Loves Women. So many times we can operate under the misconception that the Gospel favors man, and that the role of women is simply a supporting member of the body.

And although women so uniquely and undeniably fill that role, there remains the stigma that women are not called to serve in a more prominent casting. Contrastingly, we have seen women in history take the helm of any such calling that's been placed on their life no matter what the partisan preference. Harrington shows women that not only is fulfilling any undertaking all part of God's perfect design but it's also meant to demonstrate the fact that God does, indeed, love women. From Creation, women continue to demonstrate the awesome power that God has placed in their lives. Equally so, men have recognized the need to recognize that God is a rewarder of anyone who steps out and operates in His perfect calling.

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