ISBN & Barcodes

We can supply your ISBN and/or Barcode for printed books, ebooks, music, dvds, etc.

Book ISBN: $25

Book + EBook ISBN (2 #s): $40

High Resolution Barcode: $12 each

In order to apply for a barcode please give us some information about your project and we'll contact you with the next step.

Submit your Manuscript

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically as .doc or .docx files (Word Documents).  If your project is accepted, you will be contacted by one of our representatives, who will answer any questions you have and get you squarely on the road to publishing. Submit now!

Need Editing?

Ever heard the expression, "Two eyes are better than one"? We realize you have slaved over your work till now, so let us take care of the rest! Allow our award-winning editors to take a look at your prize manuscript.

Our services include:

  • A diagnosis of the tone, perspective, spelling and grammar, punctuation, flow and formatting, and overall "look" of your article.
  • A recommendation on whether a full document edit is needed.
  • A three-page sample edit of your actual work.

And remember, two eyes really are better than one. We simply want to enhance the great work you have done thus far.

Book Typeset

Once your customer has picked the book up off the shelf, it must be easy to read and not overwhelming. Adding plenty of whitespace and not cramping the fonts together insures this.

Client is responsible to provide edited manuscript, error-free and ready for placement. Client will also provide organization logo, and artwork from cover.

1st Chapter concept for approval (all guts will be based on cover design elements). Final files in .pdf and layered native (InDesign) files.

Manuscript typeset and submitted to client/proofer for revisions. Paige1Media strongly suggests the use of a professional proofreader on these type of jobs and is not responsible for any errors that occur during “typeset”. (We can recommend excellent proofreaders/editors to assist in this part of the process). If no “proofer “ is retained the designer will accept 2 sets of revisions from the client.


FEES: Typeset: $3 per page
Xtra Concepts: $10 per instance
Xtra Revisions: $50 per set
*Note: Books that contain photos will be bid on a project-by-project basis.

Professional Cover Design

"Never judge a book by it’s cover.” While the thought is lovely it also seldom happens. The book cover really is what sells the book.

CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIES: Client provides creative direction, which includes information about the book, front and back cover copy—Headlines, Subheads, Author Name, Author Bio (if applicable), Organization logo, Barcode

DESIGNER PROVIDES: Designer will provide 3 concepts of front cover. Final files in .pdf and layered native files (InDesign).

PROCESS INCLUDES: 3 cover concepts. 2 Sets of Revisions. Client chooses from original 3 concepts to select one—at any time any graphic revisions can be made on back cover can be created. Once final cover is sent to client last set of revisions begin.

2 weeks

Cover Price: $200
Xtra Concepts: $25 per instance
Xtra Revisions: $10 per instance

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