Poetry & Illustration

God Breathed: Poems for Life by Paula Clements is a truly inspirational journal of life's little motivations that inspire us to think about the times spent adoring all of God's creation here on earth.

Paige1Publishing adds color to this vibrant piece of literature with a soft exterior and fully illustrated flowing interior perfect for those seeking a bit of childlike innocence to their collection. P1P sets the pace with a whimsical font and faultless lines of typography paralleling the universe, which holds all life steady. The short read truly gives newcomers to faith a chance to take in all of God's glory through a fascinating story told in romantic nature. It's a love story. God's love shed over all creation so that man may come to know the vital forethought of a loving Creator. Pick up this pastel infused cover and soak in the moments you'll treasure forever with loved ones near and far.

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